Gal Gun: Double Peace Getting A Worldwide Release

Inti Creates has announced that its recently in Japan released girl shooter Gal Gun: Double Peace is getting a worldwide release for PS Vita and PS4.

After the absolutely tremendous amount of support Inti Creates has received from its August 6 dated tweet “Would you like to see Gal*Gun localized some day?” Let us know!”, this was the final push to make a worldwide release come to be.

At the moment, Inti Creates is searching for a publisher to work with to release the game to a worldwide audience. If Gal Gun: Double Peace is successful, this could open the door to other possibilities for the franchise.

Gal Gun: Double Peace was released in Japan on August 6, 2015 for PS Vita and PS4.

Check out the Gal Gun: Double Peace Launch Trailer:


Source: Inti Creates Official Website

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