First Look At Severed For The PS Vita

At this years Gamescom, I had the chance to play DrinkBox Studios third PS Vita title Severed for the very first time. Here are my impressions of the game.

DrinkBox Studio’s previous game Guacuamelee! is one of my favorite PS Vita games, especially due to the game’s Latin American setting. I was happy to see that Severed follows these footsteps.

The game features atmospheric music which comes from Canadian experimental music band Yamantaka // Sonic Titan and parts of the game’s story are voice supported. At first I thought that it is Spanish or Portuguese but Chris from DrinkBox Studios told me that they invented a special language for the game.

Severed could be described as a first-person dungeon combat crawler with RPG-light adventure elements. You take control of a one-armed heroine fighting her way with a sword against monsters and enemies, trying to figure out her story.

With the L stick you turn left or right while forward will move you further on the path. It didn’t take long until the first enemy has blocked my way. The combat system of Severed is touch based so when an enemy attacks, you have to parry its move, swiping in the opposite direction. After that you can attack the enemy wiping your finger on the touch screen.

The monsters and enemies in Severed vary a lot, each of them requiring a special tactic. Throughout the game there will be Boss battles, too. To upgrade your equipment and abilities, you sever off body parts from defeated enemies. With Totems – armor pieces created from defeated Bosses – you will gain abilities.

Severed on the PS Vita looks and plays great and even though I only experienced a small part of the game it is already one of my most anticipated games for the PS Vita.

Severed is slated to release on PS Vita in North America and Europe late 2015 / early 2016.

Check out the Severed Gameplay Trailer:


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