First Look At Gal Gun: Double Peace On The PS Vita

Inti Creates recently has announced that its first person girl shooter Gal Gun: Double Peace will be coming to the west for PS Vita and PS4. We took a first look at the game’s japanese PS Vita demo and played the first stages.

In Gal Gun: Double Peace you take the role of Hodai Kudoki who was hit by an arrow shot by angel Ekoro which makes him irresistible to women and girls for one day. The only problem is that after that day he must have found his fated match or he will stay alone forever.

Like in a first person shooter, you have to shoot at all the appearing girls as fast as you can. Between the stages the story unfolds, in this demo of course in Japanese, but with the upcoming western release it will be in English then.

To give you a better idea of the game we have grabbed some screenshots and also captured the first 50 minutes of the demo of Gal Gun: Double Peace on the PS Vita.

Check out the screenshots for Gal Gun: Double Peace:

Check out the Gal Gun: Double Peace Gameplay video:


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