Laura Bodewig Trailer For Infinite Stratos 2: Love And Purge Released

5pb. has released another character trailer for its upcoming visual novel and adventure game Infinite Stratos 2: Love And Purge, introducing Laura Bodewig.

In Infinite Stratos 2: Love And Purge players can forge a relationship with the game’s heroines which will trigger new events. The adventure game features also a communication mode where the heroines will be massaged. If the massage is done well you will receive a reward in form of “Braveheart Points”. A failure results in loosing points and punishment.

Infinite Stratos 2: Love And Purge will be released for PS Vita and PS3 in Japan on September 3, 2015.

Check out the Infinite Stratos 2: Love And Purge Laura Bodewig Trailer:


Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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