Goldfish Shoot’ Em Up Shutshimi Out Now In North America

Goldfish Shoot’em up Shutshimi is out now for PS Vita and PS4 in North America digitally via the PlayStation Network for $9.99. In Europe Shutshimi will be released soon.

In Shutshimi you play as a muscle-bound goldfish armed with a bullet-morphing shotgun to defeat or navigate through waves of enemies and collect different power-ups. Levels usually last ten seconds and then you have ten seconds to pick a power-up for the next round – with only three available each time from a pool of more than 50. But the goldfish has a bad memory so these power-ups do not last very long.

Shutshimi was developed by Neon Deity Games and supports Cross-Buy on PS Vita and PS4 with online leaderboards to compete with friends and foes for the top score.

Check out the Shutshimi PS Vita Screenshots:

Check out our Shutshimi PS Vita Gameplay Video:


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