Nova-111 Out Now For PS Vita In North America

Funktronic Labs and Curve Digital’s real-time/turn-based strategy game Nova-111 is out now for PS Vita and PS3 in North America for $14.99 digitally via the PlayStation Network with Cross-Buy support on PS4.

In Nova-111 you explore alien worlds and combat fiendish alien creatures in your quest to restore the flow of time in the name of science. Pilot your trusty orange vessel through mysterious and foreign planets, solve puzzles and engage in strategic battles with bizzare creatures.

Nova-111 comes with a mix of turn-based and real-time gameplay, beautifully-crafted planets, mind-warping puzzles, ship upgrades and a dynamic soundtrack.

Check out the Nova-111 Screenshots:

Check out the Nova-111 PS Vita Space Launch Trailer:


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