PS Vita New Releases North America & Europe September 22 – 25, 2015

This week’s PS Vita new releases include the BMX sports game Pumped BMX + and the dungeon crawler Heroes Of Loot for both North America and Europe as well as the fast-paced helicopter racing game Rally Copters for North America.

Check out this week’s PS Vita new releases:

Heroes Of Loot

North America, Europe: September 22 (PlayStation Network)

Heroes Of Loot PS Vita

Heroes Of Loot combines dungeon crawling with the action of twin-stick shooters where you find yourself in the middle of hordes of ghosts, skulls, cyclops, critters and much more.

Mahjong Carnival

North America: September 22 (PlayStation Network)

Mahjong Carnival PS Vita

Mahjong Carnival is the virtual adaption of Mahjong solitaire where you visit the most beautiful places in the world like Brazil, Asia and Africa.

Pumped BMX +

North America, Europe: September 22 (PlayStation Network, Cross-Buy with PS3, PS4)

Pumped BMX + PS Vita PS3 PS4

Pumped BMX + is the enhanced version of the iOS and Android smash hit Pumped BMX 2 with more than 500 racing challenges.

Rally Copters

North America: September 22 (PlayStation Network, Cross-Buy with  PS4)

Rally Copters PS Vita PS4

Rally Copters is a fast paced racing experience that will push you to the limit. Pilot your way through 27 jam-packed courses with perilous obstacles and deadly corridors as fast as you can.

Strike Solitaire & Strike Solitaire 2

Europe: September 24 (PlayStation Network)

Strike Solitaire & Strike Solitaire 2 PS Vita Europe

Enjoy many hours of solitaire gameplay set in various bowling hotels in Strike Solitaire or hit a strike on the seashore in Strike Solitaire 2.

All release dates are subject to change and more games could be added during the PlayStation Store update in North America and Europe. We update this page when new infos are available.

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