Rally Copters Out Now In North America

Depth First Games’ time-trial helicopter racer Rally Copters is out now for PS Vita and PS4 in North America digitally via the PlayStation Network for $12.99 with Cross-Buy support.

Rally Copters is a fast 2.5D physics-driven arcade game where you pilot helicopters through jam-packed courses with challenging obstacles and deadly corridors as fast as you can. Thanks to the game’s twin-stick controls, you are able to perform advanced maneuvers that will shave precious seconds from your track times.

The vector-based arcade game’s online leaderboard updates its medal system dynamically how difficult it is to achieve a medal. In order to keep your medals you always have to improve your track times. Medals that you earn today could be lost tomorrow.

Rally Copters features  four helicopters to choose from, 27 increasingly-difficult levels, a splitscreen two-player mode on PS4 and a competitive medal system.

According to Depth First GamesRally Copters is headed to Europe at a later date.

Check out the Rally Copters Screenshots:

Check out our Rally Copters PS Vita Gameplay Video:


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