New Dragon Quest Builders Screenshots Detail Main Gameplay Elements

Square Enix has released new screenshots and information for its upcoming Dragon Quest Builders game, detailing the three main gameplay elements collection, creation, and construction.

Dragon Quest Builders is the first block-making role-playing game where everything can be used as material to build, remodel or demolish the towns of the Dragon Quest’s world. The sandbox-style game allows players to alter the environment like they want while enjoying the story and RPG elements from the Dragon Quest series.

  • Collection
    In order to build a town you need materials which can be collected by breaking the terrain or by defeating monsters.
  • Creation
    Collected materials can be converted into new items with some additional treatment.
  • Construction
    With the created items you can start constructing the town.
  • Blueprints
    “Blueprint” items let the player construct buildings easily according to the “Blueprints” design.
  • Monsters
    Monsters from Dragon Quest I as well as from other games of the series will appear including Slimes, Ghosts, Bunicorns and more. The monsters might try to disturb your construction with monster raids.

Dragon Quest Builders will be released for PS Vita, PS3 and PS4 in Japan on January 28, 2016.

Check out the new Dragon Quest Builders Screenshots:

Via: Gematsu

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