American Dad!, Family Guy And Bob’s Burgers Pinball Tables Coming To PS Vita

Zen Studios has announced that American Dad!, Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers pinball tables are coming to PS Vita, PS3 and PS4 this fall via the “Balls of Glory” Pinball pack across Zen Studios’ pinball titles.

According to Zen Studios, more “Balls of Glory” tables will be revealed in the future.

American Dad! Pinball

Embark on fun-filled adventures with your favorite characters from the hit TV show AMERICAN DAD! Help Stan keep his country safe and his family sane by any means necessary!

Check out the American Dad! Pinball Screenshots:

Check out the American Dad! Pinball Trailer:


Family Guy Pinball

Experience Quahog like never before in Family Guy Pinball! Help Chris catch the Evil Monkey that’s been living in his closet, team up with Peter as he goes head-to-head with The Giant Chicken, work with Stewie to save Rupert from a fiery death, and more!

Check out the Family Guy Pinball Screenshots: 

Check out the Family Guy Pinball Trailer:


Bob’s Burgers Pinball

Bob’s Burgers Pinball is a new digital pinball table based on the hit animated FOX show, BOB’S BURGERS! Team up with the Belchers as they go all-out to make Bob’s Burgers the best burger joint in town through 15 unique game modes based on episodes of the show.

Check out the Bob’s Burgers Pinball Screenshots:

Check out the Bob’s Burgers Pinball Trailer:


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