Super Blackout Available Today For PS Vita In North America

Fordesoft’s addictive “lights out” puzzler Super Blackout is available today for the PS Vita in North America via the PlayStation Network for $4.99.

If you purchased Super Blackout on PS Mobile, Fordesoft will give you a free upgrade to the new PS Vita version.

The objective of the puzzle game is to black out the light tiles until all tiles have gone dark. But that sounds easier than you might think because when you select a tile, all the bordering tiles will invert their status. So it can become quite tricky to switch all tiles off.

The enhanced PS Vita version of Super Blackout adds new graphics, new audio, controller and PlayStation TV support and features 90 pre-made levels (30 each in easy/medium/hard), a random puzzle generator with adjustable difficulty, a custom level editor to create your own puzzles and 12 PSN trophies.

A European release of the puzzle game depends on the success of the launch in North America.

Check out the Super Blackout Screenshots:

Check out the Super Blackout PS Vita Launch Trailer:


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