Airship Q New Screenshots Showcase Airships, Monsters, Multiplayer And More

Miracle Positive has released new screenshots for its upcoming sandbox action RPG Airship Q, showcasing its airships, its monsters, the multiplayer mode, and more.

In Airship Q you embark on an adventure in the open sky with your original airship. As a witch has transformed you into a cat and also kidnapped your brother Lemuel, your task is to search for her to retrieve your previous appearance.

During the adventure you will explore mysterious islands, collect materials, craft tools, and fight against monsters. Statues found on the way increase your crafting levels and your airship can be equipped with weapons to be ready for the upcoming battles.

Airship Q will feature a multiplayer mode with up to 4 people, easy-to-use controls, a beginner-friendly tutorial and background music by Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles composer Kumi Tanioka.

Airship Q will be released for the PS Vita in Japan on November 19, 2015 and in North America and Europe at a later date. A PS4 version is also in development.

Check out the Airship Q Screenshots:

Via: DualShockers

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