Digimon World: Next Order New Screenshots, New Character And Digimon Revealed

Bandai Namco has released four new screenshots for its upcoming PS Vita role-playing game Digimon World: Next Order, showcasing the female protagonist Shiki together with Biyomon and Palmon and the male protagonist Takuto together with Agumon and Gabumon.

The latest issue of V Jump magazine also reveals a new character and two new Digimon characters and that the game will have linked content with the new Digimon Adventure tri. film project.

Digimon World: Next Order PS Vita V Jump Magazine Scan

The new character is the girl Rishu (shown on the right) who has lost most of her memories, but is still full of energy and always carries around a plush toy of a Numeon. The new Digimon characters are Taomon (shown on the left), an expert in Onmyōdō, and Dukemon: Chrimson Mode.

Digimon World: Next Order will be released for the PS Vita in Japan in 2016.

Check out the new Digimon World: Next Order Screenshots:

Via: AnimeNewsNetwork

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