First Look At Superbeat: XONiC On The PS Vita

Only a few days are left until Acttil and Nurijoy’s PS Vita exclusive rhythm game Superbeat: XONiC will be released in North America and in Europe. We take a first look at the spiritual DJMax successor.

Superbeat: XONiC’s main game mode “Stage” features four different play modes:

  • 4 TRAX
    4 TRAX is the beginner play mode that consists of songs with 4 Tracks
  • 6 TRAX
    6 TRAX is the moderate play mode and features songs with 6 Tracks
  • 6 TRAX FX
    6 TRAX FX is the most difficult play mode and contains songs with 6 Tracks and an extra FX Track
  • Free Style
    In Free Style mode you can play all your acquired songs independently

The 4TRAX, the 6 TRAX, and the Free Style play modes are available from the start, only the 6 TRAX FX mode will be unlocked when you level up during your playthrough including new songs by playing the available songs in the 3 different play modes.

The “World Tour Mode” is a mission mode which allows you to tour famous clubs all over the world with special missions and various play patterns.

In the Back Stage area you have access to your play record, your collected DJ Icons like shields, EXP 10%, etc. that give you special boosts, and your collected key sounds.

In the DJ Ranking you compare your score with other Superbeat: XONiC players from all around the world with an online ranking shown locally and worldwide including the play modes 4 TRAX, 6 TRAX, 6 TRAX FX, Free Style and the World Tour Mode.

In the option menu you can adjust the key sound volume, the auto-save function, the game’s difficulty level (easy, normal, hard), and if you want to be included in the DJ Ranking system.

Superbeat: XONiC was one of our favourite games at this year’s Gamescom 2015. After playing many hours  it looks like that DJMax will get a worthy spiritual successor in the form of Acttil and Nurijoy’s newest rhythm game.

Superbeat: XONiC will be released in North America on November 10, 2015 and in Europe Mid-November. Watch out for our review which will be available in the coming days.

Check out our Superbeat: XONiC Menu + 4 TRAX Mode Gameplay Video:


Check out our Superbeat: XONiC 6 TRAX Mode Gameplay Video:


Check out our Superbeat: XONiC 6 TRAX FX Mode Gameplay Video:


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