Superbeat: XONiC Song List

PM Studios and Nurijoy’s PS Vita exclusive rhythm game Superbeat: XONiC includes 59 songs from genres like Pop, R&B, House, Techno, Electro, Rock, Metal, and many more.

We have listed all the featured songs that are available from the start or can be unlocked by leveling up during the play through.

Superbeat: XONiC will be released tomorrow in North America physically and digitally and in Europe digitally via the PlayStation Network. A retail version will be available in the UK on November 20, 2015.

Check out the Superbeat: XONiC Song List:

01.Morning CalmNautsEasy Listening
02.Love is Real3rd CoastR&B Medium
05.TimelineNautsIndie Pop
06.U Can StopNieNPoppin' Like
07.Feeling IsolatorTsukasaTechno Pop
08.Bare it AllRinat ArinosIdol Pop
09.Club the PartyPat AndrewsDance Electro
10.Peach FuzzSampling Masters AYABright Fusion
11.One Juicy StepMakouJazzy Pop
12.Peter PanM2UHouse Pop
13.BoomerangRinat ArinosDance Pop
14.Easy Easy GoPink Shark MusicIdol Pop
15.Candy CaneAmoBilly's Pop
16.Round TripNautsMellow Pop
17.EveryDayNieNRetro Pop
18.HINAGIKU~towards the sunlight~MakouContemporary X-Over
19.No Way OutNDLeeHard Core
20.Get DownFlash FingerElectro House
21Aztec BumpElectronic BoutiqueBig Beat
22.Lop NurMakouR&B
23.All Night LongNDLeeSoulful House
24.Que Siga La RumbaMichael TateRumba-stic
25.Miami StyleRinat ArinosDance
26.Heavy Day~Guilty Gear XrdDaisuke IshiwatariRock
27.Murky WatersMakouElectric Future Garage
28.Sakura StreamTsukasaTrance Pop
29.GIVE & TAKECrankyAcid House
30.CrazyMr.FunkyElectro House
31.WreckkkkElectronic BoutiqueElectro House
32.Keep on Rockin' (Original Mix)Flash FingerElectro House
33.Nodding HawkM2UElectro House
34.Black Inked SkinSpikeSludge Metal
35.Let's GoRinat ArinosIdol Pop
36.Souls of Vampire ~ Part 2.NieNProgressive Metal
37.Drop The Shit!Electronic BoutiqueAnti EDM
38.LouderMakouElectro House
39.Swedish GirlMr.FunkyHouse
40.ControlTsukasaPiano Trance
41.CHASERNautsElectro Big Band
42.The Lemon SquashTakahiro EguchiLemonade Funk
43.Trompe L'œilMakouGypsy Jazz Tech
44.InterstellarTsukasaEpic Trance
45.Kitty From HellPaul BazookaCompleXtro
46.Souls of Vampire ~ Part 1.NieNProgressive Metal
47.H.O.W.lingM2USymphonic Step
48.STARGAZERTakahiro EguchiDisco Step
49.Party of the YearCrankyRave
50.Dimension DetonatorSampling Masters AYASpeed Techno
51.March of FearM2UTrance Core
52.MATADORCrankyRave x NieNPlanet Core
54.Nodding Hawk ~ ExtendedM2UElectro House
55.Moonlight Sonata (3rd Mov.)CrankyClassic Remix
56.Systematic ChaosNieNProgressive Metal
57.Bang Bang GrooveSampling Masters MEGAGabber
58.Voodoo GoorooSampling Masters MEGAEthno Gabba
59.Souls of Vampire ~ ExtendedNieNProgressive Metal

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