First Look At Spelunker World On The PS Vita

Last Wednesday, Square Enix has released Spelunker World as a PS4 exclusive title in North America with no word on the PS Vita version. The platformer was released in Japan for both PS Vita and PS4 as Spelunker HD Z a few months ago.

Spelunker World is a free-to-play side-scrolling platformer where you play as the underground explorer “Spelunker” and embark on an underground adventure with mysterious dungeons.

As Spelunker World is currently not available for the PS Vita in North America, we have downloaded the Japanese version and captured some gameplay footage of the first levels.

We contacted Square Enix a few days ago to get an explanation why the PS Vita version is missing but we have received no response yet.

Check out our Spelunker World PS Vita Gameplay Video:


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