Croixleur Sigma Coming To PS Vita And PS4 In North America And Europe

Developer Souvenir Circle has revealed the first PS Vita gameplay footage for its action game Croixleur Sigma which will be released for the PS Vita and PS4 in North America and Europe via Playism.

Croixleur Sigma is a fast paced action game where you can choose from one of four young female warriors and four different swords that can be taken into the fight.

Each warrior has been chosen to participate in the Adjuvant Trial, where they battle through a multi-level tower in hopes of winning military authority and the honor of protecting the queen.

Croixleur Sigma includes tons of unlockable weapons, each with their own unique special attack, and comes with features like Move Cancelling and Invincible Dashing.

Check out the Croixleur Sigma Screenshots:

Check out the Croixleur Sigma PS Vita Gameplay Video:


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