New One Piece: Burning Blood Screenshots Introduce New Playable Characters

Bandai Namco has release new screenshots for its upcoming fighting game One Piece: Burning Blood, introducing the new playable characters X. Drake, Franky, Roronoa. Zoro, and Aokiji.

One Piece: Burning Blood features an advanced battle system that replicates Devil Fruit abilities and Haki techniques in a true-to-series pirate free-for-all. Activated at will, these unique abilities can increase the player’s attack power, nullify incoming normal attacks, and more. Players must strategize how and when to use these special abilities to unleash their maximum fighting potential.

One Piece: Burning Blood will be released for the PS Vita and PS4 in North America, Europe and in Japan in 2016.

Check out the new One Piece: Burning Blood Screenshots:

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