BigFest Out Today For PS Vita In North America And Tomorrow In Europe

The music festival simulation BigFest is out today for the PS Vita in North America and tomorrow in Europe digitally via the PlayStation Network.

In BigFest you play as a music promoter to develop bands and build the ultimate music festival, starting with a small stage in the middle of a field and progressing to a multi-day mega festival.

Working in partnership with Jamendo, the largest free music platform in the world, you uncover real unsigned bands and help them climb the charts by building the perfect show. BigFest features a wide range of artists from Rock to Hip-Hop, Country to Heavy Metal.

With the asynchronous multiplayer you can call upon your friends to help you complete tasks or share music recommendations. Players can swing by friends’ festivals to help build the best show or sabotage their success.

Depending on how well you manage the festival, the crowd grows and surges dynamically and tells you when you’re making the right choices. Will they boo and walk away, or roar for an encore?

Check out the BigFest Screenshots:

Check out the BigFest PS Vita Launch Trailer:


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