Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition Coming To PS Vita & PS4 In Europe On December 9

Digerati Distribution has revealed to us that Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition will be released for the PS Vita and PS4 in Europe on December 9, 2015 digitally via the PlayStation Network with Cross-Buy support.

Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition is a visual short story set in Nebraska where you play as Kelly who is driving home through an intense thunderstorm while at the same time she is having an extended conversation with her parents and also with her younger brother.

The visual short story reflects different aspects and moments of the character’s lives and their relationships to each other and touches on a variety of issues like disability, nostalgia, hardship, adulthood, and familial obligation.

In Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition, dialogue choice is the primary focus with nearly 800 unique dialogue choices that shade the story differently based on how you play.

In North America, Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition was released on October 13, 2015.

Check out the Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition PS Vita Screenshots:

Check out the Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition Trailer:


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