First Look At Taco Master On The PS Vita

Taco Master was released this week for the PS Vita in North & South America (except Canada/Brazil) digitally via the PlayStation Network for $2.99. We take a first look at the game and share some PS Vita screenshots and the first gameplay.

Taco Master is a fast-paced arcade game which puts your reactions to the test. To become a real Taco Master, you have to prepare the tacos as they should. Drop fresh ingredients like spicy sausages, onions, red or green chilies on a tortilla and deliver it to the customer as quick as possible.

In Career Mode you have to serve the minimum of the required orders to clear a level. Depending on how well you complete a level you earn a bronze, silver or gold medal.

Taco Master has 4 different career modes:

  • Classic:
    In this mode you prepare and serve the tacos as fast as you can.
  • Mexican Party Mode:
    Clients are very hungry and orders go away faster than in classic mode but you can give peanuts to the waiting clients.
  • Taco Zombie Mode: Zombies are invading your restaurant. Tap over zombie hands once or twice to get rid of them or they will steal your tacos.
  • Tropical Fury Mode: As vacations just started, prepare some fish tacos and get rid of the annoying crabs by tapping over them.

In Arcade Mode you can prepare and serve an infinite number of tacos without losing a single order. Time Attack Mode lets you prepare 10, 50 or 100 tacos as quick as you can.

Taco Master features more than 100 levels in its Career Modes and supports multi-touch to grab more than one ingredient at a time.

Check out the Taco Master Screenshots:

Check out our Taco Master PS Vita Gameplay Video:


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