Summon Night 5 Launching Tomorrow In North America, Twitter Giveaways Announced

The strategy-RPG Summon Night 5 is launching tomorrow in North America digitally via the PlayStation Network for $30.99. To raise awareness for the game on social media, Gaijinworks will give away PlayStation TV consoles to several lucky winners, randomly selected from a list of fans who Retweet a specific “Summon Night 5 PSN Launch” Tweet from the company’s official Twitter feed. See the Gaijinworks website on Tuesday for the Twitter Retweet link.

Summon Night 5 is playable on the PSP and PS Vita, with PlayStation TV compatibility pending Sony approval. “The Summon Night series has had a loyal following in Japan ever since the first game was released for the original PlayStation almost 16 years ago,” says Gaijinworks president Victor Ireland. “We can’t wait to see the reaction when American gamers begin to experience the deep mythology of the Summon Night universe at long last. It’s a thrill to be able to bring it to them.”

In addition to the digital release, physical copies of Summon Night 5 for PSP are currently on the production line at Sony’s sole remaining UMD manufacturing facility. Each lucky gamer who preordered a physical copy will soon receive a Summon Night 5 UMD in a deluxe package with a full-color manual, a multi-sided case insert, one of two giant 19″ x 14″ posters, a serial numbered hologram on the back of the game box, the game’s complete original music soundtrack on CD. Also, PSN download codes are being sent to preorder customers tonight, so they can start playing the game while they wait for their physical copies to arrive.

Among the popular highlights of the Summon Night series are its “night conversations”: At the end of each day of game time, your character meets with a friend, acquaintance, ally or rival to discuss in-gam events, relationships, goals and much more. Unlike the static character images in previous games, the conversations in Summon Night 5 have been made even morengaging by the use of a proprietary animation technique developed by Tokyo-based Live2D, Inc. The game includes over 40,000 lines of text dialogue, all of which have been expertly translated into English by a Gaijinworks team of former Working Designs staffers known for localizing Japanese RPGs like Lunar: The Silver Star and Arc the Lad.

Check out the Summon Night 5 Screenshots:

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