The Banner Saga Still Coming To The PS Vita Thanks To Third Party Productions

Gio Corsi from Third Party Productions has announced via Twitter that they have partnered with Versus Evil to continue work on The Banner Saga on the PS Vita with more news to arrive in 2016.

Two weeks ago, Versus Evil has revealed that the development of the PS Vita version of The Banner Saga has been halted due to problems with the port as well as due to a limited budget.

But many PS Vita owners were asking for the game so the official The Banner Saga Twitter account started a poll to gauge how many of you would buy The Banner Saga on the PS Vita. The poll has ended with 6,635 votes and 69% voting for Yes.

Due to the overwhelming demand for the PS Vita version, the pleas have been heard that with the help of Third Party Productions we will be able to play the viking RPG on our favorite handheld in the future.

Check out The Banner Saga Trailer:

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