Award-Winning Puzzler Dreii Coming To PS Vita And PS4 In The Coming Weeks

Swiss developer Etter Studio, in collaboration with publisher Bitforge, announced that its award-winning puzzle game Dreii is coming to the PS Vita and PS4 in the coming weeks digitally via the PlayStation Network.

Dreii is a puzzle game about skill, logic and friendship, that subtly connects players in real­time across the world, to​ help one another in a battle​ against gravity.

With cross­-platform play between PS Vita and PS4,​ Dreii allows players to seamlessly connect with friends across the platforms, in real time and across the globe.

In ​Dreii your mission is simple; build a tower to a specified point and hold it there. Like anything in life, things get in the way of reaching your goals including gravity, explosives, magnetism, thunderstorms and incompetent colleagues.

A universal communication tool allows players to speak to others, wherever they are in the world with simple words that get translated into 19 different languages.

Check out the Dreii Screenshots:

Check out the Dreii Teaser Trailer:


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