Dragon Quest Builders For PS Vita And PS Vita No. 1 In Japan

In the latest Media Create Sales for the week January 25 to January 31, 2016 the PS Vita version of Dragon Quest Builders enters the charts at No. 1 with 178,016 sold units. The PS4 version follows behind at No. 2 with 141,369 sold units.

Brocolli’s Uta no Prince-sama Music 3 debuts at 5, selling 51,289 units, and The Asterisk War: The Academy City On The Water: Houka Kenran charts at 14 with 12,436 sold units.

And the Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition keeps on selling well in Japan at No. 16 with 10,733 sold units this week.

The PS Vita is also number 1 in the hardware charts with 45,114 sold units, followed by the PS4 with 32,557 units.

Media Create Software Sales (January 25 to January 31, 2016):

 GamePlatformPublisherSold UnitsLifetime Sales
01.Dragon Quest BuildersPS VitaSquare Enix178,016New
02.Dragon Quest BuildersPS4Square Enix141,369New
03.Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash3DSNintendo55,331New
04.Dragon Quest BuildersPS3Square Enix53,154New
05.Uta no Prince-sama Music 3PS VitaBroccoli51,289New
06.Yakuza: KiwamiPS4SEGA20,260123,516
07.Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13PS4Koei Tecmo20,101New
08.Yakuza: KiwamiPS3SEGA17,59178,019
09.Monster Hunter X3DSCapcom17,0232,661,523
10.TV Anime The Idolmaster:
Cinderella Girls G4! Pack Vol. 8
PS3Bandai Namco15,720New
11.Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13PS3Koei Tecmo15,431New
12.Hyrule Warriors Legends3DSKoei Tecmo15,17469,653
13.SplatoonWii UNintendo13,2561,228,409
14.The Asterisk War: The Academy City On The Water: Houka KenranPS VitaBandai Namco12,436New
15.Yo-kai Watch Busters: Red Cat Team / White Dog Squad3DSLevel-511,1352,183,566
16.Minecraft: PlayStation Vita EditionPS VitaSCE10,733642,224
17.Monster Strike3DSMixi10,263779,754
18.Just Cause 3PS4Square Enix8,92842,588
19.Super Mario MakerWii UNintendo7,865784,211
20.Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS ForcePS VitaBandai Namco7,429137,877

Media Create Hardware Sales (January 25 to January 31, 2016):

 PlatformSold UnitsSold Units Last Week
01.PlayStation Vita45,114(14,999)
02.PlayStation 432,557(24,441)
03.New 3DS LL22,593(31,452)
04.Wii U8,931(11,298)
05.New 3DS4,978(4,715)
07.PlayStation 31,993(1,671)
08.3DS LL558(697)
09.Xbox One92(52)

Via: 4Gamer.net

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One thought on “Dragon Quest Builders For PS Vita And PS Vita No. 1 In Japan

  • February 3, 2016 at 15:00

    I can’t say I didn’t see that coming, but that sales boost still managed to impress me.
    I mean.. FORTY-FIVE thousand of Vitas sold in one week *raised eyebrow* that’s more than double the sales the Vita can get for a week! I guess the Vita/Vita TV Dragon Quest Bundle is to blame.
    Oh boy, with a proper marketing campaign this game would make the Vita’s sales in the US go through the roof. But I’m sure scea won’t give a F, so this will never happen.

    Still, glad to see our handheld doing so great in Japan. Here’s to hoping Dragon Quest Builders 2 stays on the platform and competes against Yokai Watch. But then again, this is SE, so this might not happen.


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