Puzzle RPG SwapQuest Out Today For The PS Vita In North America & Tomorrow In Europe

The puzzle RPG SwapQuest is out today for the PS Vita in North America and tomorrow in Europe digitally via the PlayStation Network.

The enhanced PS Vita version of SwapQuest includes three new levels located on a mysterious group of islands, a massive new boss fight, a new character class called the Tinkerer as well as both touch screen and button controls.

SwapQuest takes you on a journey through the kingdom of Aventana, which is threatened by the Horde, an evil cloud of demons that has escaped its prison to wreak havoc across the land. You take on the role of either Prince Wilbert or Princess Wilma to search for a magical sword that is able to bring peace back to the world.

The game offers all the mechanics of a compelling RPG experience, but adds a unique twist in how you traverse the world. Build paths by swapping around tiles with different roads on them to guide your hero to treasure chests for loot or fight enemies along the way to grow stronger and learn new abilities.

Between levels you can buy equipment, train said abilities or enchant your weapon and armor. Explore a huge world on your search for the sword, with over a dozen different areas, each with their own enemies and hazards.

Check out the SwapQuest PS Vita Screenshots:

Check out our SwapQuest PS Vita Gameplay Video:


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