Superbeat: XONiC First 3 DLC Packs Now Available In North America & Europe

The first three DLC packs for the PS Vita exclusive rhythm game Superbeat: XONiC are now available on the North American and European PlayStation Store.

The XOniC Packs #1, #2 and #3 feature music tracks from ARC System Works’ BlazBlue, Guilty Gear and the rhythm puzzler Magical Beat as well as songs from the legendary BEATCRAFT series and other XONiC artists. Each DLC Pack contains 3 new songs for an affordable price of $3.99/£3.29/€3.99.

Three more DLC Packs will be released in May 2016 for those who can’t get enough from Superbeat: XONiC.

XONiC Pack #1: 7’s Rebirth

XONiC Pack 1: 7’s Rebirth

  1. Antikithera – 7 Sequence
  2. Rackin’ Gravity – 7 Sequence
  3. DINO – Cranky
XONiC Pack #2: Guilty Gear x XONIC

XONiC Pack 2: Guilty Gear x XONIC

  1. Starry Story
  2. Jack-a-Dandy
  3. Big Blast Sonic
XONiC Pack #3: Magical Blaze Collection

XONiC Pack 3: Magical Blaze Collection

  1. BLUE desire~Blazblue
  3. MAGICAL GREETING~Magical Beat

In our review we gave Superbeat: XONiC a 9/10 as it offers a unique and never-before-seen rhythm game experience on the PlayStation Vita.

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