Croixleur Sigma Coming To PS Vita In North America On March 1, 2016

The PlayStation Blogcast has revealed that Croixleur Sigma will be released for the PS Vita in North America on March 1, 2016 featuring Cross-Buy support with the PS4 version.

Croixleur Sigma is a high-speed hack-and-slash arcade action game where four young female warriors are fighting back successive waves monsters. Each girl has been chosen to participate in the Adjuvant Trial, where they battle through a multi-level tower in hopes of winning military authority and the honor of protecting the queen.

The action game comes with various battle styles and lets you mix and match the 4 available weapons to form your own playing style.

Croixleur Sigma’s story mode centers on the charming friendship of the girls. Other gameplay modes are Score Attack, Challenge Mode, Weapon switching Dungeon mode and many more.

The action game includes many styling accessories like cat ears, spectacles or headphones and features full Japanese voice-over.

Check out the Croixleur Sigma PS Vita Gameplay Trailer:


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