10 Second Ninja X Announced For PS Vita & PS4

Curve Digital has announced that the puzzle platformer 10 Second Ninja X is coming to the PS Vita and PS4 in summer 2016.

10 Second Ninja X is the follow-up to Four Circle Interactive’s brilliant 2014 PC hit and distils the puzzle platformer down to its purest form. Players assume control of a highly nimble and deadly ninja, tasked with destroying an army of hostile robots using cunning, speed and lots and lots of nunchucks. Each of its 60 levels must be completed within 10 seconds, making this a game you could theoretically finish in five minutes. That doesn’t sound like very long, does it? What is this? Firewatch**?

Don’t let the title seduce you too much – reaching the end of the game won’t be easy. The game’s smartly designed to ensure that each level is a puzzle in itself. With just 10 seconds (maximum) to destroy all enemies, players will need to combine brain with throwing stars in order to meet each level’s objectives, with lightning-fast reactions required to be rewarded with a perfect score.


  • 60 new, tough as nails levels
  • Original story
  • Explorable hub
  • Unlockable hint ghosts through an optional minigame
  • All 40 levels from the original 10 Second Ninja included
  • Individual level leaderboards
  • Marathon mode (each area’s levels back to back)
  • Secret areas with collectibles
  • Cross save

Check out the 10 Second Ninja X Screenshots:

Check out the 10 Second Ninja X – Announcement Trailer:


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