Zero Time Dilemma’s First Screenshots Revealed

Famitsu has revealed the first screenshots for the upcoming Zero Time Dilemma for PS Vita and 3DS.

In Zero Time Dilemma, nine participants are trapped in an underground bomb shelter as part of a death game. The participants  are split into teams of three and located in three different divisions of the shelter. To seek a way out, they need to find six passwords but each time a new password is revealed, one person will die, requiring a minimum of six deaths before they can escape.

In the end it will be up to the player who is going to be sacrificed or to find a a way out without any deaths.

Zero Time Dilemma is the final chapter of Spike Chunsoft’s popular Zero Escape series with its prequels Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward and will be released for PS Vita and 3DS in North America physically and digitally and in Europe digital only in summer 2016.

Check out the Zero Time Dilemma Screenshots:

Via: Siliconera

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