Trillion: God of Destruction Gets New Trailer & Battle Screenshots

Idea Factory International has released a new trailer and battle screenshots for the upcoming PS Vita exclusive strategy RPG Trillion: God of Destruction.

The new trailer shows off one of the most important features of the game – Affection Points. By taking breaks between training to talk to your Overlord and giving them gifts they’ll like, you’ll be able to increase the Affection between you two. Not only does this strengthen your relationship, but it acts as a buffer for your Overlord in battle – before Trillion can get to wearing down your Overlord’s HP, it’ll have to fight through your love first! On top of that, your Overlord relationships can determine the type of ending you will get.

Trillion: God of Destruction will be released for the PS Vita in North America on March 29, 2016 and in Europe on April 1, 2016.

Check out the Trillion: God of Destruction Battle Screenshots:

Check out the Trillion: God of Destruction Affection Points Overview Trailer:


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