XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus Now Available For The PS Vita In North America & Europe

Without any previous announcement, the turn-based strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus is now available for the PS Vita in North America and Europe digitally via the PlayStation Network.

Although the game has been rated by various rating boards in the past, 2K Games never officially announced the PS Vita version. After its overnight appearance on the European PlayStation store, the game is also available now via the North American PlayStation Network.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus is a strategy game in which players must save present-day Earth from an alien invasion. As the players manage resources, research weapon technology, and monitor alien presence, they can dispatch squads of soldiers to attack human- and insect-like creatures in turn-based combat.

Twitter users 2 Old 4 Gaming & LRG and NeoGAF Member FDC1 have shared some PS Vita screenshots of XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus which we show you here.

Check out the XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus PS Vita Screenshots:

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