First Look At Green Game: TimeSwapper On The PS Vita

The 2D arcade game Green Game: TimeSwapper is launching on the PS Vita on April 4, 2016. It will also be released for iOS, Apple TV, PC, Mac and Linux. We take a first look at the PS Vita version of the game.

Green Game: TimeSwapper is the sequel to Red Game without a Great Name where you once again take control of the mechanical bird to guide him from one point to another in a steampunk world. This time you have the power to manipulate time by changing it to past, present or future.

To change the direction of the bird’s flight, you manipulate the time by swiping horizontally on the PS Vita’s touchscreen to rotate outgoing steams. In further levels, you also can crumble walls which block the bird’s flight route.

Compared to its prequel, in Green Game: TimeSwapper the controls feel easier as you can use the whole touchscreen for the time manipulation. But that does not mean that it’s an easy game as you still will die a lot during the 50 available levels.

Like in its prequel, there is also a dead counter and you can collect up to 3 gears each level but it’s up to you if you collect them or if you prefer just an easy ride.

Check out our Green Game: TimeSwapper PS Vita Gameplay Video:


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