World’s Longest Five Minutes Announced For The PS Vita

Nippon Ichi Software has announced the new PS Vita game World’s Longest 5 Minutes last week with a teaser website featuring a 5-minute countdown and a Dragon Quest-like character sprite.

When the 5 minutes are over, the website shows an error screen which is well known for those who played Super Famicom games like Dragon Quest which indicated that the save data has been corrupted.

World's Longest 5 Minutes PS Vita

The latest issue of Famitsu revealed that the World’s Longest 5 Minutes genre is adventure and that it is in development with popular smartphone games developer Syupro-DX. Famitsu also published a screenshot showing a fight against a demon lord. The hero has forgotten everything like experience, magic and special abilities and also why he has to fight against the demon lord.

World's Longest 5 Minutes PS Vita

World’s Longest 5 Minutes will be released for the PS Vita in Japan on July 28, 2016.

Via: Siliconera / Siliconera

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