Review: Risk of Rain – PS Vita (10/10)

Rogue games have been huge on PC for awhile but are slowly making their way to consoles, handhelds and even mobile. Risk Of Rain started on Steam but just arrived on the PS Vita and PS4 and I can agree with anyone saying this deserves GOTY for a lot of reasons I will get into through the review.

For starters, the character choices are a good varity and each one plays different and has skills like in MOBA titles. The levels are huge and feel like worlds and the constant growing of difficulty is one of the most original concepts I seen in gaming in awhile and is done so well. The bosses are huge and require skills to take down or friends and yes I said friends because it’s online and though I haven’t tested it, just that idea alone is genius.

Risk Of Rain has a lot going for it and for the price of $9.99/£7.39/€8.99 it’s insane, though Binding Of Isaac has more items to unlock, Risk Of Rain seems more rewarding in some aspects though comparing that genre is hard because each is their own and have done so well throughout the years.

The quick pick up and play has always generated handheld users riding planes, buses or just like the gaming on the go aspect of it. The combinations you can have is limitless and you may have runs that make you hard to kill while other runs make you die quickly.

You start with a class that can roll and is invincible doing it while one character uses turrents and traps for enemies and the joy of earning a new class is well worth the fun of unlocking them. Also a great thing to see is all the stats you rack up during plays and it keeps track of who you play, how good you did and alot more.

The challenging aspect is you can level up but the more you stay on the level, the harder it gets and enemies are smart and will corner you and come at you from all sides. When you reach the enemy gate you have to not only kill the boss but stay alive for 90 seconds and that is a feat when in the other levels because bosses are random and you never know how difficult the boss or enemies will be.

The Magma Worm is common and can hit pretty hard though my bandit took it out easy thanks to the skills he has but the next level he died to a clay guy because they flanked me. The items you can unlock also require skill because they require you not losing health or beating a level in under 5 minutes and lots of other things.

The totems are a good thing and bad thing as well because you may or may not get anything so it’s all random. Drones you find scattered around can be a huge help taking down enemies and if they die you can pay to revive them and you should for reasons later on in the game.


I can talk about Risk Of Rain forever and instead of that because why are you still here, you should be playing the game for crying out loud. Limitless options, huge bosses, lots of characters that each play their own way, 100 items to unlock and the list goes on and on.

The port is done so well and the music is so engrossing and captures you as soon as you hit to load the game and never lets go. Risk Of Rain deserves a standing round of clapping and praise because this game nails it.

Review written and provided by Chris

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One thought on “Review: Risk of Rain – PS Vita (10/10)

  • May 26, 2017 at 09:51

    some say it doesn’t run well on vita .. can you confirm that ?

    i prefer vita version over ps4 though.



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