CyberThreat RPG Coming To The PS Vita In 2017

Irish indie developer Conor McKenna will bring the CyberThreat RPG to the PS Vita and also to the PC in 2017.

CyberThreat is a role-playing game with a modern day setting, set in the fictional city of Edendale. You play as a young man or woman who has come to this city for their final year of study in school. In the meantime, a mysterious string of unsolved murder cases have been occurring throughout the city, where all the victims have had only one thing in common, being the victims of heinous cyberbullying.

Juggle day to day life with battling in the depths of cyberspace to save those you care about. Over the course of a year you’ll attend class, hang out with your friends, play various minigames, battle dangerous enemies and powerful bosses, unlock an array of diverse abilities and solve the case no one else can.

In CyberThreat, your enemies are some of the most debilitating computer viruses ever created, and you combat them by “hacking” the world they inhabit. This Skills/Hacks format gives way to one of the best integration opportunities with the real world, namely the computer club. Here, you can assign Hacks and unlock new ones. By completing your Contact routes, you can give the Computer club inspiration for new special Hacks, which can change the way you play drastically.

CyberThreat also features two currency systems, Dollars and CyCoin. Dollars are used in purchasing items and equipment, amongst other things in the real world. CyCoin is an eCurrency that only the Computer club accepts for their services. You must carefully balance and decide how much of each you want, as you must decide how much to convert before you leave Cyberspace.

Key Features:

  • Beautifully hand-crafted 3D world with a dynamic calendar system
  • Classic turn-based style RPG with unique skills
  • Two customizable main characters (stats,hacks and costumes)
  • Huge cast of characters, each with their own story and chance to befriend and enter relationships with
  • Story driven epic which takes place over the course of more than one year
  • Re-playability through 2 different viewpoints on the story with the 2 main characters

Check out the CyberThreat Screenshots:

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