Platformer Shu Coming To The PS Vita & PS4 In 2016

Coatsink Software and Secret Lunch will bring the platformer Shu to the PS Vita and PS4 in 2016.

Shu is a beautiful and engrossing platformer featuring the protagonist Shu and a colorful trail of hand-drawn characters as they run, jump and glide their way up an ancient mountain, forever pursued by a monstrous and unrelenting storm.

Take control of Shu and various villagers who set out on a perilous adventure to rescue their friends. Each of the characters has its own unique abilities which can be used by the whole group:

  • Keela: Her voice grants the ability to wall jump.
  • Okoro: Her beautiful singing lets you walk on water.
  • Melo: Melo can control air flows through specific pipes.
  • Joro: Joro can smash through specific terrain with his heavy butt.
  • Chom: Chom’s umbrella can be used for gliding.

Shu has been selected as one of 20 finalists for the Momocon 2016 Indie Game Award Showcase which is held in Atlanta (Georgia) from May 26 to 29, 2016.

Check out the Shu Screenshots:

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