Review: Severed – PS Vita (8.8/10)

Drinkbox Studios has finally unleashed their Guacamelee follow up titled Severed. The game is best described as Infinity Blade meets Guacamelee with Metriodvania elements thrown in.

In Severed you are Sasha, a girl trying to find her parents but you end up on a journey trying to find yourself – actually finding a part of yourself as well as your parents. Moving around is centered around a first person dungeon gameplay with swiping pots and other things to find secrets and items to help level up your abilities throughout the game.

The art of Severed is amazing and the visual effects are a treat to see with the fire and enemy movements and even the few people you will visit look great.

Gameplay involves swiping enemies, all having weak spots and attacks to parry but unlike Infinity Blade, parries are a lot easier thanks to a certain arm or attack flashing red so you have a chance to parry and attack before getting attacked.

Enemy battles can be easy to extreme with new gameplay styles encountered later on for both sides. Dungeons will be most of the game and all have traps and switches to open.

The first dungeon you might hate for one huge reason but I don’t want to spoil it. Other dungeons can be fun while still being a puzzle and also great to see like for instance a crystal cave that shines.

In Severed you will know when you encounter an enemy by seeing a white flame and sometimes you might get tired encountering them but Drinkbox Studios managed to have harder versions to keep it interesting as some can change forms or have more health.

Severed is short and over before you know it but the big part is using your abilities to uncover secrets which you see around the many floors you will walk around and see and plenty of pickups by the end of the game.

The music fits the game really well and the overall mood. One certain character should have been in the game more because it would have been great to get to know that character more. The game loads up pretty quick and I never had any issues while playing it.


Severed is a great experience every PS Vita fan should visit at least once and fully explore its dark gloomy world. Although the game is short, Severed is a really great journey which will keep you entertained for around 5 – 6 hours.

The review was written and provided by Chris. All screenshots are taken from the PS Vita version.

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