Stranger of Sword City Out Today For The PS Vita In North America

The dungeon-crawler RPG Stranger of Sword City is out today for the PS Vita in North America both physically and digitally via the PlayStation Network. In Europe, Stranger of Sword City will be released on April 29, 2016.

In Stranger of Sword City, your flight crashes after passing through a mysterious portal. As the sole survivor, you awaken to an unfamiliar land lit by stars you’ve never seen.

Stranger of Sword City is a game about death and fighting against vanishing forever. You will discover new meaning in the choices you make to survive against all odds. You will define yourself by the lives of those you leave behind, by the people you align yourself with, and the experiences you have on each new venture into the dark labyrinths that threaten to trap you.

Key Features

  • A Surprising Dark Fantasy
    A labyrinth wouldn’t be complete without the trappings of darkness that this fantasy brings. The story and characters depart from the comedy and lightness found in some of Experience’s other games, and opts for traditional hardcore elements like perma-death and Life Points, while infusing the gameplay with a new Ambush system which will challenge you to decide how much risk you’re willing to accept to obtain the greatest loot.
  • Competition in the Dungeon
    Unlike most dungeon RPGs, Stranger of Sword City won’t leave you as a stranger among your peers. Online leaderboards will allow you to finally compete with your friends, and strangers across the world to display your dominance in everything from the best gear, to the fastest clear time.
  • Overwhelming Art
    Fantasy is created by visuals and music as much as by story. In this title, the breathtaking art throughout your travels, and abundance of character portraits available for creating your perfect party will allow you to be truly transported into the magic of Sword City.

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