Downwell Coming To The PS Vita & PS4 On May 24, 2016

Ojiro Fumoto has announced via the PlayStation blog that his vertical twitch platformer Downwell is coming to PS Vita and PS4 on May 24, 2016 digitally via the PlayStation Network featuring Cross-Buy support.

In Downwell, you descend into a deep well filled with monsters and traps, equipped with the Gunboots — a set of boots that let you shoot bullets from your feet. You’ll be using it to clear your way of enemies, or as a way to slow your descent using its recoil.

On your way down you’ll find different guns, shops with helpful items, and upgrades like explosive balloons or a set of silverware to eat your foes with. The well is randomly generated, so no two trips down will ever be the same!

Downwell has been ported to PS Vita and PS4 by Red Phantom Games and will be published by Devolver Digital.

Check out the Downwell Screenshots:

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