Nuclear Golf Coming To PS Vita And PS4 In Summer 2016

Indie game studio Touchfight Games has announced that Nuclear Golf is coming to the PS Vita and PS4 in summer 2016 digitally via the PlayStation Network featuring Cross-Buy support.

Nuclear Golf is an outrageous and fast-paced 2D golfing game with explosions, destructible terrain, and boss battles set in and around a radiation soaked post-apocalyptic country club.

Get ready for some seriously ridiculous face-melting arcade golf action. Nuclear Golf dials its difficult and wackiness to 11, challenging you to survive your trek across three crazy 18-holes courses brimming with brutal obstacles and grisly bosses.

It’s a race against your radiation gauge, as you sharpen you skills to earn trophies and unlock oddball power-ups to help you master the toxic wastes. Can you make it through alive before your insides turn into your outsides?

Key Features:

  • Destroy Everything
    Fully destructible terrain. Because…TERRAIN MUST DIE!!!!
  • Slay Massive Bosses
    Boss battles? In a golf game? HELLS YEAH!
  • Level-Up YOUR BALLS
    Unlock the AWESOME POWER of your balls. Make them explode, bounce, melt, and fly!
  • Suck Down Delicious Radiation
    Beat each course’s boss before your insides liquify and leak out of every orifice!
  • Unlockable secrets and bonus modes
    Shhh! It’s a secret.

Check out the Nuclear Golf Screenshots:

Check out the Nuclear Golf – Announcement Trailer:


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