Review: Corridor Z – PS Vita (6.5/10)

So zombies are still a thing though the recent mobile port to the PS Vita has it in a B movie style called Corridor Z. Now like I said this is a mobile port and a title that was free so how is the free to paid aspect you ask. Well not great in fact besides buttons and maybe a touch up on graphics, everything is the same including timers.

When I say paid I don’t mean 1.99 or even 2.99 no, how about 7.99? The mobile games are great for limiting on how long you can play and there are a lot of games in that market but a PSN 7.99 title that is a F2P game just makes me wish these ports would just stop right now. Did they forget the PSN has a F2P section or just wanted more dough?

Now that the elephant has been addressed we can get into the game which is decent at best but I do like some things it has going for it. Turning is a chore because you have to watch the zombies, items you can use plus the green lights showing you which way to turn and it almost feels like work. The game has you dealing with missions and after completing a certain amount you can move to a new day and most are pretty easy but once again here lies a problem.

After completing a mission you still are running and not going to a classroom for safety. In fact you either keep running or just kill yourself in order to get the next mission rinse and repeat. Through the game you can collect journal pages, a total of 36 that let you know about a girl’s school days and visiting the lab which is the backstory of how everything happened.

The voice acting isn’t anything special but could be worse. On top of that you can collect gold pieces which is how you can upgrade weapons and get outfits that do nothing but change your appearance not even a stat boost or add anything.

You will face bosses if you make it far enough and each one will also give you gold for each kill and you earn gold a lot more than on mobile. On a side note, the PR for this mobile version was very original and the way they did it was a pretty good set up as they sent you an email with somebody writing you wanting help and it was kinda freaky at first.


Back to the PS Vita version: In short, if you like runners go for it as there isn’t much Vita wise but a few PSN Minis but as for the PS Vita not a lot, just know you will get timers and they can get annoying. As for others who may be getting sick of zombies or mobile ports, just skip Corridor Z.

The review was written and provided by Chris. All screenshots were taken from the PS Vita version.

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  • November 4, 2016 at 08:19

    Have to disagree with your negative opinion on “F2P to Paid” conversion, would rather pay 7.99 straight up than those annoying micros.

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