Review: Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered – PS Vita (8.4/10)

I was a big fan of Bookworm growing up and also every other Popcap game but Bookworm stuck most with me besides Plants Vs Zombies. Awhile back, Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey came to mobile and though I didn’t play it for long, it threw me back into the Bookworm days.

Now Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered is invading consoles with PS Vita and PS4 coming last to take part in the title. First thing to know, option wise there is not a lot to do but to change the music from the new style and to the original which both are pretty good. Second thing is replaying levels will be a thing, almost to the point it’s crazy but you do have upgrades in the shop that will help but more on that later.

The animations and graphics are pretty good and cute and you will meet a good bit of enemies like a dust bunny and he attacks you with a duster. The game tracks everything from how long your words are to how many games you played and so forth which is pretty good if you need to see your stats. There are two modes, one being Endless which plays just like the name and Story Mode which is about Grimm on his quest for Pizza.

The game does take a good bit to load but once it starts, everything else just goes pretty quick though battles take a little while to load. You have a total of four stars per level and the fourth being a crystal star which is the most challenging though a few regular star challenges can be just as tricky. The shop will have items, tiles and other items for you to buy and most can be upgraded with jewels you earn as you defeat monsters and break the jewel stash at the end of a level. Even though the game can be grindy, I feel you earn jewels at a good pace compared to how other mobile ports have been.

The game is really fun to play that before you know it you earned quite a bit of jewels. A big reason why is you have quests which are pretty easy to beat like for instance make 100 words or use a health potion while some are more tricky but you can skip them for 100 jewels each if they give you a problem.

I did notice that Grimm moves on the world map like Mario in Super Mario 3 which is a nice touch and there are a few nods to other games as well including Bookworm for two reasons: one, the book owner is a worm and two, like I said books which are very useful and get upgraded by defeating enemies.


Overall, Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered is solid, challenging, grindy but fun and should make puzzle players very happy. The loading isn’t as long as Corridor Z so you don’t have to wait too long and the animations are really well done.

The review was written and provided by Chris. All screenshots are from the PS Vita version.

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