Rainbow Skies Gets First Battle Skills Screenshots And New Details

Eastasiasoft has released the first battle skills screenshots and new details for its upcoming fantasy role-playing game Rainbow Skies for PS Vita, PS3 and PS4.

Magic Schools

In Rainbow Moon, skills are split into two types, passive and active and the game will also feature a school system. There are 10 unique schools, each with their own particular type of skills. As players explore the world they will discover books containing a number of skills, that can be learnt by any hero who is a member of the school. Initially, only one skill from the book will be available, however, the more it is used, the more additional skills in that book become unlocked.

At first, players will only be able to access low level skill books from a specific school, but over the course of the adventure their mastery of a given school will increase granting them access to even more powerful skills and in some cases even allow them to read books from other schools. There are 10 unique schools planned, which equates to over 200 different skills.

Combo Skills

Combo skills are powerful special moves that are executed by more than one character at the same time. These skills are among the most powerful skills in the game and can result in huge damage, sometimes even up to x500% the usual damage.

To perform a combo attack, a number of unique conditions need to be fulfilled, for example standing on adjacent fields, which when met can then be activated by spending MP, several sub-turns and Combo Pearls.

Rainbow Skies will be released for the PS Vita, PS3 and PS4 in the second half of 2016.

Check out the Rainbow Skies Screenshots:

Source: eastasiasoft

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