Support Tower of Samsara Kickstarter To Secure Its PS Vita Release

A new Kickstarter project started by Martelo Nero seeks funding for their pixel art platform adventure Tower of Samsara for PC, Mac, Linux and also for the PS Vita which are all included in the €42,000 main stretch goal.

At the time of writing, €10,315 have been pledged by 474 backers with 12 days to go. Due to the strong PS Vita fan support, the former PS Vita stretch goal has been merged into the main stretch goal meaning if you now pledge €15 you will get a PS Vita copy of the game on its release.

Tower of Samsara is an adventure pixel art platform game and presents a mix of lores from various philosophies – such as buddhism, stoicism, greek and roman mythology – which will resignify objects, actions, reality, life and death. Your determination will be ceaselessly tested on this journey toward Nirvana.

The player embodies a shadow spirit, a life form from planet Pluto which finds the deities light wandering nearby. Moved by its own curiosity, it then finds this light, which grants it the blessing and powers that will be needed to venture forth toward the unknown in order to break the Samsara.

Tower of Samsara will feature a message system where you can share poetry (3 line poetry, known as haiku) to the other players. It also implements a spare system where you can overcome enemy non-agressively. This leads to a karma system where you gain good karma by sparing enemies and bad karma by killing them, changing the outcome of the game.

Key Features

  • BE the character and live a big adventure
  • EXPLORE planets of the solar system
  • FIGHT or SPARE dozens of enemies and gigantic bosses
  • FIND relics embedded with good karma
  • SHARE your poetry with other players

Check out the Tower of Samsara Screenshots:

Check out the Tower of Samsara Kickstarter Launch Trailer:


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