Review: Paranautical Activity – PS Vita (6.4/10)

The old school genre is making a come back with a new version of Doom and some FPS style games on Steam with one of those now available for the PS Vita called Paranautical Activity. The game throws away story and uses voxel graphics and everything else you love or hate about old school FPS with a hint of roguelike elements thrown in for good measure.

Power ups, new weapons and items you will see but the coins to get them not so much unless you are really good but this game will throw everything at you and then some. The voxel graphics don’t look that great unless it’s shown on the bosses and the amount of times you will see the floor one boss is too many to count because the cheap deaths this game will throw at you.

Land sharks, little magic users and big demons are what you will see very often to the point it will be burned into your mind for eternity and it makes you get a tattoo of one because it keeps making you their little bitch. The amount of deaths can be etched in stone because rogue likes on top of an FPS sounds great, until you pay this game.

Paranautical Activity runs good and besides a lot of loading the performance on the PS Vita is okay. The music isn’t too shabby either but I like that kind of music, although it won’t be everybody’s cup of tea, it works for the game. You do have a decent bit to unlock like a few characters and items but you never know what the items do which gets annoying if you get an item that doesn’t help you out.

Bosses make the game and look quite neat though some look kind of boring but the skull and huge snail like creature looks awesome. The power ups, while some are great others just feel normal or tame compared to flipping upside down or floating bombs which help big time with flying bosses.


Paranautical Activity is not for everybody as cheap deaths just bring it down but if you like roguelikes and old school FPS genre then go ahead and get this title. Loading in every room can get annoying after while but at least it goes by quickly just be ready to see it a lot.

The review was written and provided by Chris. All screenshots are taken from the PS Vita version.

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