Free PlayStation Plus PS Vita Games In June 2016

Sony Computer Entertainment has revealed June’s 2016 free games lineup for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The following PS Vita and PSP games will be available for free for PS Plus subscribers beginning on June 7, 2016:

Little Deviants

Genre: Arcade, Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Join the Little Deviants in a series of madcap adventures that allow you to have fun discovering and experimenting with the new PS Vita functions – including rear touch, front touch, six-axis motion senors, rear camera, and microphone.

– Augmented Reality: Turn your world into an augmented reality shooting gallery
– Touchscreen / Rear Touch Pad: Make full use of the PS Vita system including front and rear multi-touch
– Microphone: Sing with the Little Deviants for top score
– Motion Sensor: Move and tilt your PS Vita system to guide the Little Deviants

Check out the Little Deviants Screenshots:

God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP)

Genre: Action-Adventure, Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

God of War: Chains of Olympus PSP

The ancient world speaks of a mortal that slayed a God. But long before his battle with Ares, Kratos sought absolution from his past sins by pledging himself as a champion to the Gods. These brutal crusades in the name of Olympus became legendary.

The Ghost of Sparta is now ordered by the Gods to journey the underworld, after the world plunges into darkness. There he must face the most feared creatures of Greek Mythology and forced to choose between his own personal redemption and saving the ancient world from certain destruction.

Check out the God of War: Chains of Olympus Screenshots:

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