Review: Bard’s Gold – PS Vita (7/10)

Old school games have a pretty big place in my heart but sometimes I remember why I like the new stuff at times. Bard’s Gold is one of these old school games. Unforgiving and doesn’t hold your hand in any way also with the standard setting you die in one hit so good luck.

Luckily you have a shop that helps but dying makes you lose everything so pretty pointless really. Ninja Gaiden on NES was a hard unforgiving game but it still had a life bar. You only have that in rogue style which means no check points so once again best of luck. The retro style graphics look great and enemies come in a variety and some won’t show until after a certain amount in a room but you get a warning for those types.

The first world is made up of seven levels with a boss at the end and while pretty hard, once pattern is down it’s an easy fight, just be prepared to lose lives. Once death happens your gold can be used to upgrade your character with extra lives, weapon length and many others. Lives would be the one thing to start with because dying will happen and sometimes quickly.

Some items are very useful like magic glasses that let you see hidden items or doors in each level just a shame after death you lose items and makes the game a chore in the long run, I mean some hardcore games have limits. Loading is really quick and I never came across bugs or slowdown which is great.


Overall I like Bard’s Gold but this game is strictly for hardcore gamers who really want a challenge and I would even say this game is harder than Nuclear Throne. The game is best played in spurts as it’s a quick pick up and play title.

The review was written and provided by Chris. All screenshots are taken from the PS Vita version.


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