Adventures of Mana Now Available For The PS Vita In North America

After its surprise release in Europe and Australia, the Final Fantasy Adventure Remake Adventures of Mana is now also available for the PS Vita in North America digitally via the PlayStation Network for $13.99.

Adventures of Mana follows the story of a young hero (that’s you by the way) and a young heroine as they attempt to thwart the Dark Lord of Glaive from destroying the Tree of Mana. The original story remains unchanged but the game is enhanced with updated graphics and controls and a new, rearranged soundtrack from the game’s original composer Kenji Ito.

Check out the Adventures of Mana Screenshots:

Check out the Adventures of  Mana Trailer:


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2 thoughts on “Adventures of Mana Now Available For The PS Vita In North America

  • June 28, 2016 at 14:19

    I really wanna know how does it fare on the Vita. Framerate and stuff.

  • June 29, 2016 at 16:13

    Wow. I’m impressed. I guess if I could demonstrate a game sample based on copying and pasting, this “port” would take the cake. Look at those…. I don’t even know how to call it, but I’ll try “graphics”. Lame.
    Seriously? All this time and we’d figure Square would put some EFFORT into it but it seems they didn’t want to do much other than getting rid of the touch d-pad and labeling it more then $5, which is how much this game should be offered for.
    But the Vita audience is so SICK of turn-based crap and japanese niche trash that they’re thanking the gods for this. The Vita deserved better.

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