PS Vita Exclusive Idol Death Game TV Gets New Screenshots

D3 Publisher has released new screenshots for its recently announced PS Vita exclusive Idol Death Game TV.

In Idol Death Game TV, idols of the idol group Project 47, that counts over 200 members, have to participate in a popularity contest named Dream of Dreams. The participants are divided in the three teams: Team Happy, Team Smile and Team Passion.

Doripaku is the brutal host of the show, basically the game’s version of Monokuma. Each stage starts with Doripaku introducing the challenge, then the player can freely explore the mansion to search items that could give the idol an advantage. It’s also possible to interact with other idols and exchange information.

After the exploration, there is a test: if the player wins, the idol moves to the next stage, if not, she will die and it’s game over. When an idol has been eliminated, she will get killed gruesomely in the “Death Live”.

Idol Death Game TV will be released for the PS Vita in Japan on October 20, 2016.

Check out the Idol Death Game TV Teams:

Check out the Idol Death Game TV Characters:

Check out the Idol Death Game TV  Screenshots:

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